In addition to the flagship World Cities Summit and Lecture Series, the Centre also organises other events to address precise needs or topics for specific audiences.

Past events include the Megacity Think Tank Alliance Forum, the Heritage and Sustainable Urbanism Symposium and the International Housing Forum. 

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at the moment Please see below for a list of past events.

Past Events

The 3rd Megacity Think Tank Alliance Forum

Megacity Think Tank Alliance (MeTTA), founded on July 11 2014, is an international alliance of representative think tanks of megacities. MeTTA aims to find solutions to urban development problems faced by megacities and to improve the quality of life for their citizens. MeTTA think tank members include institutes from Beijing, Busan, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Tianjin. The MeTTA Forum is organized annually to facilitate information exchange, knowledge sharing and research collaboration between the member organisations. The 3rd MeTTA Forum is a co-located event of the 2016 World Cities Summit. The forum theme is “Megacity Mobility Systems & Solutions” covering the urban mobility challenges faced by megacities and their adopted the solutions.

Read the event report here.

The Future of Ports and their Relationship with Cities

How do we achieve growth and liveability for port cities amidst local and global changes? Mr Bart De Wever, Mayor of Antwerp; Mr Toshihide Hirahara, Deputy Mayor of Yokohama and Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive of Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore share their experience and thoughts on the future of ports and their relationship with cities.

Read the event report here.

Heritage and Sustainable Urbanism: Case Studies from France, Singapore and the Region

This Symposium brings together conservation pioneers from France and Singapore, as well as current practitioners in the Region, to share their experiences in:
  • Implementing policies and managing approaches towards the protection, restoration and reuse of heritage buildings;
  • how heritage buildings play a crucial part in integrated urban planning and inclusive civic life; and
  • the sustainability lessons from heritage buildings and urban ensembles for now and the future.
Read the event report here