Revisiting the 2000 Watt Society : An innovative tool for sustainable city planning

Calendar 3 May 2019
Time 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm. Registration from 3.30pm, seated by 4.00pm 
Location  MND Auditorium, MND Annex A, 5 Maxwell Road Singapore 069110
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The concept of the 2000 Watt Society has been developed in Switzerland at the ETH domain to inspire more innovations in sustainability and as a yard stick for planning energy and material efficient cities. The concept has been introduced as a planning tool to many central European cities. New districts in various cities have shown the political acceptance and economic viability of the consequences of the concept. In Singapore, the buildings and workplaces at the EcoCampus of NTU are approaching the terms of reference of the 2000 Watt Society for working places. 

Professor Zehnder delivered a CLC lecture on the 2000 Watt Society in 2011. In this coming lecture, he will review the progress of this idea since then.

About the Speakers




Alexander Zehnder
Visiting Professor,
Nanyang Technological University
Founder and Director ,
Triple Z Ltd

Alexander J.B. Zehnder is a Visiting Professor and member of the Board of Trustees of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, founder and director of triple Z Ltd., former president of the ETH Board and Professor emeritus of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He heads NTU’s Sustainable Earth Office which coordinates NTU’s sustainability activities. He has been involved in developing capital market instruments for more sustainable production and use of natural resources. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index is based on some of his contributions. He is one of the “founding fathers” of the concept of the “2000 Watt” Society. He helped to build up the Swiss innovation environment and has reorganized NTU’s innovation system.




Tan Szue Hann
Managing DIrector, 
Miniwiz SG
Adjunct Professor, 
SUTD Architecture & Sustainable Design

Tan Szue Hann is Singapore’s 2015 Young Green Architect of the Year, and is the Managing Director for Miniwiz Co. Ltd. He is a Registered Architect with the Board of Architects, Singapore, and a Council Member of the Singapore Institute of Architects. Szue Hann will also serve as Chairman of the Architects’ Regional Council of Asia (ARCAsia) Youth Committee from 2016. Szue Hann graduated with a Master of Architecture and a BA Arch (First Class Honours) from the National University of Singapore, completing his Masters at UCLA. On graduation, he was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal, Board of Architects Medal and ICI Gold Medal.


New York Night Scene image credit to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Centre from flickr