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Visionary Partnership, Knowledge Innovation

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Visionary Partnership, Knowledge Innovation

Since its establishment in 1994, the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) has been a successful model and pathfinder for China-Singapore bilateral cooperation and a platform to build strong people-to-people ties. At the SIP’s 25th Anniversary commemorative ceremony, CLC-SIPAC’s first joint publication “Visionary Partnership, Knowledge Innovation: Lessons and Insights from China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park”, which documents the transformation of the SIP, was launched.

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One-north: The Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia

At the lecture “Innovation Districts: Past, Present & Future”, panellists shared how flexible planning strategies and place-making activities have helped Singapore’s one-north keep up with the times. The lecture also saw the launch of the Urban Systems Studies which chronicles the genesis, planning and development of this industrial estate that has become the epicentre of research, innovation and entrepreneurship in the city-state.

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Welcome to a Farm in the Sky

Dr Ngiam Tong Tau, Chairman, Sky Greens Pte Ltd

“This farm was founded not by a farmer, not by an agriculturist, but by an engineer.”

By marrying engineering with agriculture, Sky Greens has created an innovative vertical farming system that is commercially viable. Dr Ngiam takes us behind-the-scenes to see how his company produces safe, fresh and delicious vegetables while using minimal energy and water.

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Good Design with Less Cost

Dr Hossein Rezai, Director of Web Structures Singapore & Milan Research Lab

“Through bringing the value of design into our structures, we found that they actually cost less.”

Fusion engineering is how Dr Rezai designs intelligent structures that use and cost less. With the help of new tools and technologies, he is able to create more seamlessly and even revolutionise the entire process of design.

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Measuring Impact for Planning

Maria Angela Sandejas Garcia, Mayor and Local Chief Executive, Municipal Government of Dinalupihan, Philippines

“You cannot manage something that you cannot measure.”

An evidence-based planning and budgeting system has helped the mayor of Dinalupihan and its constituents see the impact of her government’s work and understand how to get better value in their efforts.

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Into the Mind of a Developer

UrbanPlan is a scenario-based workshop to help public officials see development through the eyes of the private sector. By role-playing as property development teams, participants learn the critical trade-offs between meeting social objectives and financial goals.

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Reflections: World Cities Summit 2018

"How to adapt to what the future might bring, with confidence and openness to change and cooperation?” — this was at the heart of many discussions at the 6th World Cities Summit held in Singapore. Reflections: World Cities Summit 2018 distils the key insights and ideas brought up, ranging from Vientiane’s Sustainable Urban Transport Project to Toyama’s GPS-enabled snow excavators.

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Urban Solutions #14 | Top of the Crops

New York City is leading the world in urban farming. A movement to transform underutilised spaces into agricultural greenhouses and a growing community of commercial agriculture ventures have sparked a consciousness for local food amongst its citizens.

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Urban Solutions #14 | Farming for the Common Good

Enterprises, research institutions, tech firms and government agencies have come together in the Netherlands to create Foodvalley, an ecosystem for developing sustainable agriculture practices and innovative production of healthier food.

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Urban Solutions #14 | It’s No Mirage, It’s a Food Oasis!

The lack of access to fresh produce and nourishing food in cities can form “food deserts” that disadvantage its citizens. Good town planning in Singapore prevents this by integrating markets and food centres within its housing estates.

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