Better Cities May 2019

Better Cities | May 2019

What's Next for Conservation?

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BC Highlights 201905 What’s Next for Conservation?

What's Next for Conservation?

After 30 years since Singapore created its first historic districts, how should the conservation of its built heritage evolve? At the launch of the “Past, Present and Future: Conserving the Nation’s Built Heritage” Urban Systems Study, panellists reflect on the instrumental role of the public, private and people sectors and what the future of a city’s past could be.

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BC Highlights 201905 Construction’s Future: Lego Parks

Construction’s Future: Lego Parks

Nicholas Brooke, Chairman, Professional Property Services Group

“We want to be able to dismantle the buildings, take them apart, reassemble them.”

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BC Highlights 201905 Juggling Jakarta’s Urban Challenges

Juggling Jakarta’s Urban Challenges

The Grand Design is the soul. No matter staff or leadership changes, the idea is there.
- Oswar Maudzin Mungkasa, Deputy Governor for Spatial Planning and Environment Jakarta Capital City Government

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BC Highlights 201905 The Healthy Streets Approach

The Healthy Streets Approach

“Rethink the design: A street that works for people is a street that is good for health.”
- Lucy Saunders, Public Health Specialist, London

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BC Highlights 201905 Building a High Trust City

Building a High Trust City

The city of Medellín was accorded the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize 2016 Laureate for its sustained efforts in tackling socio-economic challenges. Learn how Mayor Federico Gutiérrez’s inclusive and collaborative approach to governance transformed the city and galvanised the community.

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Urban Solutions #14 | Free Meal Society

“Eat with Love” is aligned with New Taipei City’s social welfare principles of ‘rescuing when at risk, not when poor’, especially for children and teens in a city of four million—and is completely funded by private donations.

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Urban Solutions #14 | Cooking Food Once, Using It Twice

Singapore’s mixed-use development Our Tampines Hub has pioneered a more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective way of managing food waste: Collecting them for recycling into useful products.

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