Better Cities Jun 2019

Better Cities | Jun 2019

Changing Climates, Adaptive Cities

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How High and Fast Will the Water Come?

Rising sea levels will turn today’s valuable real estate by the sea worthless— just when money is needed to build coastal defences. This is one example of how climate change will remake cities economically and socially and why governments must make hard decisions about what to save, says award-winning environmental journalist Jeff Goodell.

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Online + Offline: A Win-Win

Henry Cheng, CEO and Executive Director, Chongbang Group, Shanghai

“The way we look at e-commerce, they are not our competitors but our partners.”

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Protecting a Resource that Protects

Manual de Araújo, Mayor of Quelimane, Mozambique

“Mangroves defend us from flooding, but are also natural materials for food and housing.”

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Conquering the Rising Mercury

“It’s about mindset, politics and economics, because there is no technical barrier to tackling climate change.”
- Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40

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Looking Back at CLC’s Work in 2018

CLC’s Annual Report FY18/19 highlights key achievements accomplished, from the successful completion of ASCN and WCS 2018 to collaborations with international partners on projects distilled from the Singapore Liveability Framework.

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City Building: The Singapore Way

Sound urban governance and integrated long-term planning have ensured this compact city-state has sufficient land for sustainable growth and a high-quality environment to work, live, and play in.

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Urban Solutions #14 | The Future of Food

From lab grown “meats” to alternative food like insects and algae, cities are incubating fresh and nutritious ideas to feed their people.

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Urban Solutions #14 | Cities: The Solution to World Hunger?

Towers of greenhouses could help cities feed their booming population—just one of several urban innovations that have emerged to tackle the pressures of resource scarcity around the world.

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