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Better Cities | Sep 2019

Paving the Way for ‘The Future of Us’

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Paving the Way for ‘The Future of Us’

The award-winning Bayfront Pavilion at the Gardens by the Bay is the outcome of a public-private-people collaboration between CLC and SUTD, and an inspiration for creative and sustainable thinking in architecture and urban design.

Source image: Advanced Architecture Lab, SUTD

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Building & Cooling Singapore in an Era of Climate Change

Singaporeans cannot avoid the use of air-conditioners as global temperatures rise, but there are other ways to keep the city cool too, says a panel of experts.

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Climate Change: What Matters

Dr Winston Chow Associate Professor of Humanities, Singapore Management University

“The trap is everybody thinks it’s either mitigation or adaptation, but the case is that you need both.”

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World Cities Summit 2020

How can cities adapt to disruptions arising from climate change, social shifts and new technologies? Share your thoughts with us at the next biennial World Cities Summit in July 2020.

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Place-Making and Identity in Singapore

Creating a national identity through conserving its built heritage has long been a part of Singapore’s urban planning. The CLC outlines the city-state’s journey in safeguarding its historical places the latest issue of Cultural Connections.

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Learning in Singapore: Sustainable Planning and Management

Some 34 officials from 6 countries learnt about integrated planning, sustainable cities harnessing technology, and financing infrastructure at a workshop conducted by CLC in partnership with the World Bank and Infrastructure Asia.

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Urban Solutions #15 | Joining Forces for Transformation

Amidst upheavals and political changes in Medellín, the academic and private sectors set up a committee to unites stakeholders and ensure continuity in development efforts, thus strengthening citizens’ trust in the city.

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Urban Solutions #15 | High Rise and High Trust

Originally built as functional shelters, Singapore’s high-rise public housing estates have been redesigned since the 1970s to becomeas fenceless, inclusive precincts that enhance trust between residents while keeping them secure.

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