Better Cities Oct 2019

Better Cities | Oct 2019

Extreme Heat and Real Estate

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Extreme Heat and Real Estate

Extreme heat brings about rising economic and social costs, which cities and developers can address together by investing in mitigation strategies and future-proofing their buildings.

Source image: Ben O’bro, Unsplash

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How Changi Airport Became World-Class

The strategic decisions and comprehensive planning that went into developing Singapore’s world-class Changi Airport are revealed in this latest addition to CLC’s Urban Systems Studies collection.

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Finding the Connection with Neighbours

Lucinda Hartley, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Neighbourlytics

“Every time we ‘Like’, ‘Check-in’, ‘Post’, ‘Tweet’, we’re showing the world what we value.”

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A City-to-City Exchange

Wulf Daseking, Professor, University of Freiburg, Germany

“Come to our place, look at it, and then transfer it with your way of living, into your country.”

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Vancouver’s Journey Towards Sustainable Transportation

Bold leadership and a determination to co-create solutions with the community has helped the Canadian city of Vancouver shift towards sustainable modes of transportation and move closer to achieving its Transportation 2040 masterplan.

Source: Ted McGrath, Flickr

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The Future of Asian & Pacific Cities

The cities of 2030, 2050 and 2100 will require new ways of thinking to become sustainable. Learn the priorities and approaches in the “Future of Asian and Pacific Cities” report developed by the United Nations ESCAP, in partnership with CLC.

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Urban Solutions #15 |The Makings of a Trustworthy City

The rule of law, good governance and a low level of corruption are what makes a city trustworthy, says diplomat and international law expert Professor Tommy Koh.

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Urban Solutions #15 | Civic Participation Onthe- Go

In India, a mobile app is transforming municipal governance: “iChangeMyCity” enables citizens to call out the authorities when they renege on promises, and has helped bring people together to tackle problems in their neighbourhoods.

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