Better Cities Nov 2019

Better Cities | Nov 2019

Living with water, urban systems innovators, taking smart cities to the next level

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Groundbreaking: 60 Years of National Development in Singapore

Trace Singapore’s urban development journey from mudflat to metropolis.


Living with Water

Discover how Singapore and Rotterdam are adapting to the impact of climate change.


Engineers as Urban Systems Innovators

Six eminent engineers share their stories in transforming Singapore’s urban landscape.



Navy Pier: Cultural District and Neighbourhood

Michelle Boone, Chief Programming and Civic Engagement Officer, Navy Pier, Chicago

“We don’t just operate in isolation, but try to be sensitive to the needs of surrounding neighbours.”

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Less Cars, More Pedestrians

Maciré Diaby, Senior Advisory Minister of Cooperation and African Integration, Conakry, Guinea

“The challenge is integrating different components from different ministries.”

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Unlocking Services: Taking Smart Cities to the Next Level

Smart cities must stay focused on the needs of customers and citizens to ensure its rapid growth can benefit more. Director of CLC Dr Limin Hee, and Head of ICT Agency Setiaji share how Singapore and West Java are leveraging on technology in an inclusive manner.

Source: Negative Space, pexels

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Urban Solutions #15 |What Does a High Trust City Look Like?

Cities are hubs for communities to build bonds that bridge their diverse differences. This photo essay showcases how safe and inclusive spaces in cities can strengthen community spirit as well as build trust and a sense of ownership among people.

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Urban Solutions #15 | Making Trust a Planning Asset

When community engagement is done right, a conflict between the government and civil society, instead of being a destructive event, can be a creative opportunity for mutual support. Read how trust between parties have been consolidated over the years in Singapore for this to happen.

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