Better Cities Jan 2020

Better Cities | Jan 2020

All Roads Lead to Health, Tokyo’s Past, Present and Future, Icon of the Future and more

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All Roads Lead to Health

Cities across the world are improving the health of urban life by encouraging play, walk and more. Find out more in the latest Urban Solutions issue on “Health and Well-Being”.

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Tokyo’s Past, Present and Future

From hiring robots to redistributing the population, the capital of Japan is embracing a variety of solutions to tackle its ageing population and shrinking workforce, explains Dr Hiroo Ichikawa, Professor Emeritus of Meiji University.

Image: Nestlé, Flickr

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Take an Art Walk Downtown

Kim-Marie Spence, Director, Kingston Creative

“Our art walks re-energise downtown Kingston and strengthen Jamaica’s creative eco-system.”

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Icon of the Future

Mohamed Abdelhamid Ibrahim Higazy, Advisor, International Cooperation, Egypt

“With the second Suez Canal, Egypt’s new capital city will be a hub for international trade and industries.”

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Going on the Right Track

Singapore is moving towards a carlite future not only by improving its public transport, but also expanding the active mobility infrastructure to promote cycling and the use of personal mobility devices.

Image: Chuwa (Francis), Flickr
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Urban Solutions #16 | A New State of Play

Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, overcame a history of violence and poor public health through policies and urban planning that promote healthy lifestyles amongst its citizens.

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Urban Solutions #16 | At Play in Nature

Harnessing the power of play and nature, the Nature Playgarden in Singapore’s HortPark uses biophilic principles to enhance the growth and health of young children.

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