Better Cities Mar 2020

Better Cities | Mar 2020

Building Community Resilience for Climate Change, Building a Healthy City, Reclaiming the Inner City and more

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Building Community Resilience for Climate Change

From looking out for one another to participating in community efforts, residents living around Cambridge Road in Singapore share with CLC’s Building Community Resilience project how their neighbourhood can be more resilient to climate change.

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Building a Healthy City

Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Singapore

“Choose to do the right things, the difficult things even, so that the next generation can build on what we have done.”

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Reclaiming the Inner City

Reuben Mlungisi Masango, Councillor of Johannesburg, South Africa

“Beyond just reclaiming hijacked buildings, we allow new entrants into the building market through redevelopment.”

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Cities for Children: Playful Yet Safe

Housing estates where the old and young have fun in Singapore, “messy” play spaces in Tokyo and urban “toy-boxes” in Rotterdam — just some examples in a new report on designing neighbourhoods for children. Amongst its interviewees from around the world is CLC’s Director of Research Dr Limin Hee.

Image: Sport Singapore

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Urban Solutions #16 | The ABCs of Public Sanitation

Cities and buildings become dysfunctional without good, clean toilets, says Jack Sim, the founder of the Restroom Association (Singapore) and the World Toilet Organization. He explains why public sanitation matters in protecting the health of citizens.

Image: Global Partnership for Education, Flickr
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Urban Solutions #16 | Prevention is Better Than Cure

Beyond medical facilities, environments that promote healthy living are also key in addressing a city’s healthcare challenges, says Liak Teng Lit, former Chairman of the National Environment Agency of Singapore.

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