Better Cities Sep 2020

Better Cities | Sep 2020

Communities Building Resilient Cities

Image: Andreas Komodromos
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Let’s Build Climate Resilience Together

Communities are important assets to tap on in supporting cities’ climate change resilience. See how citizen-initiated, community-scale efforts complement public infrastructure to build more climate-resilient neighbourhoods.

Image: Participate in Design

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Cars Are Guests on This Street

How can a growing city make room for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and cars? Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam, Sharon Dijksma, shares how her city is going car-lite to create safe, inclusive and liveable spaces — even amidst the pandemic.

Image: Edwin van Eis

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Resilient, Inclusive, Competitive, Healthy Food Systems

In a food-insecure world, World Bank Global Director Martien van Nieuwkoop shares how cities can get RICH: “Resilient, Inclusive, Competitive and Healthy” food systems through strong urban governance, logistics and innovative solutions from climate-smart agriculture to insectbased protein.

Image: Eneas De Troya, Flickr

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Glasgow: Leading the UK’s Race to Net-Zero Carbon

Glasgow aims to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral city by 2045, an ambitious goal to boost the country’s contribution to global climate action. Councillor Susan Aitken and Prof Greg Clark discuss how the city is de-carbonising its economy and infrastructure, as well as the role of cities and its leaders in the face of climate change.

8 October 2020, Thursday
4.00pm – 4.40pm (GMT+8)

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Urban Planning for a Resilient Future

In a time of climate change, demographic shifts and rapid technological development, Executive Director of the CLC Khoo Teng Chye outlines 10 key principles for urban planners to stay ahead and plan for growth in the Singapore Institute of Planners’ new publication Towards A Resilient Future.

Image: Adli Wahid, Unsplash

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Urban Solutions #17 | Environmental Intelligence Combats Climate Change

How do cities sustain the momentum of climate action over the long haul? Invest in understanding the science of climate change, says Benjamin Horton of the Earth Observatory of Singapore.

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Urban Solutions #17 |Can Jakarta Overcome Its Sinking Future?

Jakarta is sinking faster than any other big city due to climate change. But Governor Anies Baswedan is optimistic that collaboration, community action and focusing on transportation will alleviate this impending threat.

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