Better Cities Oct 2020

Better Cities | Oct 2020

Shaping Cohesive Communities

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Religious Harmony in Singapore: Spaces, Practices and Communities

In a world increasingly polarised along racial and religious lines, Singapore presents an example with its peaceful co-existence of diverse places of worship, religious practices and communities. CLC’s latest Urban Systems Study documents how such racial and religious harmony arose from careful planning and governance that stretches back to pre-independence.

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CLC Annual Report 2019/2020

In the past year, CLC has continued expanding its knowledge base and networks. We hosted the annual World Cities Summit Mayors Forum in Medellín, Colombia; tested a community-based approach to building community resilience; and completed research collaborations with international partners including the Urban Land Institute, UN-Habitat and the World Bank.

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Seizing a “Window of Opportunity” for Climate Action

As host city of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in 2021, Glasgow is determined to accelerate its plans to become carbon-neutral by 2030. Councillor Susan Aitken shared with urbanist Prof. Greg Clark why zero carbon is important not only for the environment, but for peoples’ lives too.

Image: British High Commission Singapore

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UN-Habitat: Supporting Cities Through COVID-19

UN-Habitat has been actively helping national and local governments respond to and recover from COVID-19. This webinar provides insights into city-level dynamics as they address the pandemic and underscores the continuing need for collaboration to promote resilient urban governance in developing cities.

8 October 2020, Thursday
4.00pm – 4.40pm (GMT+8)

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Rethinking Urban Design in a Post-COVID World

The design of liveable cities must change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, says CLC’s Executive Director Khoo Teng Chye. He shares how Singapore is reconsidering her approach to governing, planning and building amidst the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Image: Vicky_T, Unsplash

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Starting a Circular Economy in Singapore From Zero Waste

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated global interest and action on the circular and carbon-neutral economy, including in Singapore. CLC’s Executive Director Khoo Teng Chye shared some of the city’s initiatives, including its Zero Waste Masterplan, at the recent Urban 20 (U20) Mayors’ Summit.


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Urban Solutions #17 | Real Estate, Redefined

In a world threatened by climate change, the real estate industry can no longer take for granted the environments in which investments are made. Forget the old mantra of “location, location, location”; the industry needs to incorporate development with shifting profitability and regulatory action.

Image: REUTERS / Amit Dave
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Urban Solutions #17 | A City Young and Free

The capital of Albania was developing in a chaotic manner until it adopted a child-centric urban design that fostered socially inclusive values. Read how this unorthodox approach has helped Tirana bloom into a lively city with a strong sense of civic engagement.

Image: Municipality of Tirana
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