Better Cities Nov 2020

Better Cities | Nov 2020

Vibrant Spaces for All

Image: Photo by Vita Marija Murenaite on Unsplash
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Enhancing Liveability, Fostering Communities: Estate Management For Singapore’s Public Housing

Besides good design and town planning, the success of Singapore’s public housing is also due to good estate management as well as regular engagement with residents. CLC’s latest Urban Systems Study goes behind the scenes to understand how government agencies, Town Councils and private companies keep the city’s public housing estates safe and liveable.

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Singapore – Secularism with a Soul

How can Singapore preserve religious harmony amid societal shifts like increasing mobilities and digitalisation? Professor Yaacob Ibrahim and Professor Lily Kong share how different stakeholders, spatial planning, and continuous dialogue help Singapore embrace diversity and meet the community’s religious needs.

Image: Hindu Endowments Board

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Building Resilient Cities: The Rebuild by Design Perspective

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the Rebuild by Design (RBD) competition was launched to develop innovative solutions for disaster response in the New York region. Its key figures discuss how the integrative process—involving architects, engineers and community stakeholders—can help build climate resilience in other cities.

Image: Rebuild by Design

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Cultural Opportunities for Liveable Neighbourhoods

Cultural experiences in everyday spaces uplifted spirits and connected neighbours at the height of Covid-19 lockdowns. In the latest issue of Cultural Connections, CLC explores post-pandemic opportunities for communities to shape cultural spaces together and build social resilience against future crises.

Image: Participate in Design

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Spearheading Better Cities to Grow Old In

Almost half a billion people in Asia-Pacific will be aged 65 years or older in five years’ time, so it is no surprise that the region is leading the way in designing age-friendly cities and inspiring others to follow suit.


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Urban Solutions #17 | Making Cities Liveable with Technology and Partnerships

Technology has the potential to improve the lives of millions living in cities, but it can also pose challenges. As more people move to live in urban areas in the next 30 years, the United Nations Development Programme is tapping both technology and partnerships to make cities adaptable, inclusive and sustainable.

Image: Li Wenyong / World Bank / Flickr
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Urban Solutions #17 |The Silver Generation in the Age of Digital Disruptions

Digital technologies have brought about great convenience for many, but less tech-savvy senior citizens may struggle to keep up. Singapore’s Silver Infocomm Initiative brings together government agencies, non-governmental organisations and the community to provide a support network for senior citizens to ride the waves of digital disruptions confidently.

Image: Infocomm Media Development Authority
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