Better Cities Jan 2021

Better Cities | Jan 2021

Cities Embracing the New Normal

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Urban Solutions Issue #18: Adapting to a Disrupted World

Cities are adopting practical and cutting-edge solutions to adapt to disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as climate, social and technological change. Read about their transformations in the latest issue of Urban Solutions — “Adapting to a Disrupted World”.


Towards Ageing Well: Planning a Future-Ready Singapore

As Singapore’s population lives longer and enjoys the highest life expectancy in the world, how has the country become more liveable for seniors? CLC’s latest Urban Systems Study traces the city-state’s efforts since the 1980s to plan for an ageing population and the evolving considerations since.


Preparing for a Climate Resilient Singapore

Focusing on environmental sustainability has provided Singapore with a strong foundation to mitigate and adapt to the looming threat of climate change. CLC’s latest Urban Systems Study details Singapore’s past and ongoing efforts in building a liveable and climate resilient city.



Maashaven: A “Gift to the City”

Investing in green public spaces makes a city healthier, more attractive and even economically stronger by generating more jobs. The mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb shares seven greening projects in the city that bring its citizens hope through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image: Mayor of Rotterdam’s Office

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Urban Solutions #18 |The Mind, Skill and Body of the New Normal in Tokyo

Governor Yuriko Koike outlines how the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is shaping a “new normal” for the city amidst the recent pandemic, by embracing diversity and inclusiveness as well as addressing the needs of the vulnerable.

Image: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
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Urban Solutions #18 |Singapore’s Smart Nation Journey

Minister for National Development Desmond Lee shares Singapore’s experience to show how technology and digitisation can help cities emerge from difficult times to become more resilient, sustainable and liveable.

Image: Singapore Press Holdings
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Urban Solutions #18 |Big Lessons from a Small City

The co-chair of Singapore’s multiministry COVID-19 taskforce, Minister Lawrence Wong, talks about Singapore’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and reflects on its long-term implications for the city-state.

Image: National University Hospital
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