Better Cities Feb 2021

Better Cities | Feb 2021

Thriving Cities of the Future

Image: Emily Chaix, City of Paris
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To Build Resilient City Infrastructure, Look to Ancient Roman Aqueducts for Inspiration

COVID-19, the climate crisis, social shifts and new technologies have shaken the world. Minister Indranee reflects on Singapore’s experience with Dr Cheong Koon Heanand the importance of creating a green and resilient future through comprehensive city and infrastructure planning and working with the international community and citizens, for cities to continue thriving despite disruption.

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Be Pro-Active in the Global Technology Development Process

How can we unleash the potential of technology for smarter and greener cities amidst global disruptions? A WCS 2021 Preview webinar sheds light on how cities can lead global technology development through identifying its greatest challenges, establishing trust with the industry, and facilitating an agile procurement framework.

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The Business Case for Addressing Climate Risk

Climate resilience cannot be undertaken by one entity alone. Our speakers share the business case for companies to commit to climate resilience and the importance of science and data not only to inform policies, but also to report corporates’ performance on their environmental, social and corporate governance goals.

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Rethinking Sustainable Vertical Urbanism

Experts from around the globe, including CLC’s Research Director Limin Hee, share how cities can be more responsive and anticipatory to optimise health, social, and economic outcomes amidst rapid change and disruption.

Image: ่ด่Ž‰ๅ„ฟ DANIST, Unsplash

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Urban Solutions #18 |Rethinking Planning Paradigms in the Wake of Covid-19

The COVID-19 public health crisis has transformed the way we live, work, play and learn. To ensure that cities and people are resilient against future pandemics, Dr Cheong Koon Hean shares how governments can re-think planning paradigms and innovate to inspire behavioural change.

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Urban Solutions #18 |New Ways of Living for a Post-Covid Future

The 15-minute city where density is pleasant, proximity is vibrant and social intensity is real: Amid a devastating coronavirus pandemic, Paris inspires urban planners to rewrite the playbook on reimagining cities for a more sustainable future.

Image: Emily Chaix, City of Paris
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Urban Solutions #18 |Planning for Public Health Crises

Learning from the SARS outbreak in 2003, Singapore introduced a city-wide network of Public Health Preparedness Clinics that, together with sound urban planning policies, has enabled the city to manage the COVID-19 pandemic effectively.

Image: The Straits Times, Singapore Press Holdings Limited
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