Better Cities Apr 2021

Better Cities | Apr 2021

Resilient Communities and Cities

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Social Ties Drive Resilience, with Help from Urban Design

Social connection drives resilience and recovery in times of disruptions. Prof Daniel Aldrich and Dawn Yip share how to nurture such ties with gestures as simple as knowing our neighbours’ names and how accessible physical spaces help develop social capital.

A group of mothers from Teck Ghee Parkview, a public housing estate, rallied together to make hand sanitisers for the whole estate when local retailers ran out of stock in Singapore, February 2020.
Image: TODAY

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Registration for WCS 2021 is Now Open

Sign up for free access to World Cities Summit 2021’s series of virtual events happening from 21 to 23 June. Join global leaders from the public and private sectors as well as academia in discussions on how cities can adapt to a disrupted world.

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Giving Social Innovations in Smart Cities a Public-Private Boost

At The Economist’s “Technology for Change Week Asia”, panellists including CLC’s Research Director Limin Hee discussed how government, businesses and citizens can collaborate to drive social innovations in smart cities.

Image: Gorynvd, Shutterstock

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Urban Solutions #18 |Closing the Funding Gap for Green Urban Infrastructure

Insufficient funds are going towards infrastructure for cities to be greener and to mitigate climate change risks. Standard Chartered Group Chief Executive Bill Winters outlines how financial organisations can help plug this gap.

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Urban Solutions #18 | Digital Solutions for Pandemic Response

Learn how Dassault Systèmes and China’s Central-South Architectural Design Institute simulated and analysed virus dispersal in Wuhan’s Leishenshan Hospital and the implications for hospital engineering, construction and operations.

Workers at the construction site of Leishenshan hospital in Wuhan, China, February 2020.
Image: An Yuan / China News Service via Getty Images
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Urban Solutions #18 | Cities Adapting to a New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced cities to quickly adapt to the demands of a changing environment. Discover how cities responded and the lessons that could translate into new and more dynamic urban practices in the future.

Food delivery couriers practise safe distancing while waiting for food orders at the Central Pinklao mall in Bangkok, Thailand, March 2020.
Image: © Andre Malerba 2021
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