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Better Cities | Jun 2021

Adapting to A Disrupted World: World Cities Summit 2021 Highlights and Book Launches

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World Cities Summit 2021 Highlights

World Cities Summit (WCS) 2021 received overwhelming support internationally, with some 2,500 delegates from 337 cities. Catch the highlights on our WCS YouTube channel and subscribe for our latest content.


Smarter and Greener: Transforming through Technology

Even as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things improve lives, they may also introduce new vulnerabilities. How is technology driving change amidst global threats like COVID-19 and climate change, and at what cost? How can governments and businesses work together to help cities thrive in an ever-changing environment?

22 July 2021 (Thursday)
4.00pm – 5.10pm (GMT+8)

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Urban Solutions #19: Adapting to a Disrupted World

Cities are adapting to thrive in the face of an uncertain future and multiple disruptions. The latest issue of Urban Solutions explores the theme of a green and inclusive recovery, including longer-term trends for urban development as well as innovation and collaboration across borders.



Singapore’s COVID-19 Response and Rethinking the New Urban Normal: A Commentary

Key leaders and urban system practitioners in Singapore share experiences and insights to spark new conversations on how cities can respond and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, to emerge more liveable, sustainable and resilient to future shocks and stressors.



Singapore, Unlimited

Hear from the pioneering planners, economists and engineers who transformed Singapore from an overpopulated, polluted country into a leading global sustainable city, with a focus on landmark achievements, such as public housing, its Mass Rapid Transit System and Changi Airport.



The Government Land Sales Programme: Turning Plans into Reality

Established in 1967, the Government Land Sales programme (GLS) has been instrumental in redeveloping Singapore’s city centre into a world-class financial district. This Urban Systems Study documents the efforts in conceptualising and implementing the GLS over the decades.



Transport: Overcoming Constraints, Sustaining Mobility

Singapore’s transport system has come a long way from the days of illegal “pirate” taxis and poorly managed bus services. This revised Urban Systems Study traces how the city-state’s transport policy has evolved to efficiently meet its people’s mobility needs and social aspirations.



Urban Solutions #19 | Emerging Stronger in a Post-COVID World

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat, who is also the Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, shares how Singapore is charting a new post-COVID path through innovation, sustainable development and collaboration between cities.

Image: Li Wenyong / World Bank / Flickr
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Watch In Conversation with DPM Heng at WCS 2021

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