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A Partnership for a Smart and Sustainable Future: The China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City

Tianjin Eco-City (TEC) is the result of a shared vision by Singapore and China to develop a replicable and viable model of sustainable development. This joint book by the CLC and the Tianjin Eco-City Administrative Committee traces the TEC’s transformation from an inhospitable wasteland into a socially harmonious, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient city.


Punggol: From Farmland to Smart Eco-Town

Over the last 30 years, Punggol has been transformed from farmlands to a vibrant and smart Eco-Town well known for its urban innovations in housing, water infrastructure, transport, and greening. This Urban Systems Study captures the changes and challenges that have shaped Punggol to become the beloved home to nearly 200,000 people today.

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Cities are Complex, Interconnected Systems of People and Data

City and industry leaders engaged with key ideas to better understand and work with cities’ interconnected systems, highlighting how building on the science of cities requires people-centric approaches, tapping into big data, and an essential willingness to experiment.

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Urban Solutions #19 | Transforming Singapore into a City in Nature

The importance of nature for wellbeing cannot be understated in land-scarce Singapore. National Parks Board Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Er explains the country’s journey to becoming a City in Nature and the role of the natural environment in post-pandemic cities.

Artist’s impression of the upcoming Rifle Range Nature Park, which provides more space for nature-based recreation. Source: National Parks Board

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Urban Solutions #19 | Becoming a Global Smart City Role Model

Over the last 30 years, the Estonian city of Tallinn has shed its former Sovietera lifestyle and embraced a largely digital one. It has done this thanks to visionary leaders who put digital transformation and its people at the heart of their governance.

Digital infrastructure is highly accessible in Tallinn, where students are exposed to the applications of technologies from a young age. Source: Arno Mikkor / Wikimedia Commons

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Hope You’re Well: Building Healthy and Happy Cities

The pandemic has heightened the already growing interest in healthy cities, even as our conception of health has expanded from the purely physical to mental wellbeing. How can the design and management of cities promote good health?

21 Oct 2021 (Thursday)
4:00pm – 5:30pm (GMT+8)

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Going on the GRID – Green, Resilient and Inclusive Development

Disruptions such as the climate crisis and now pandemics have challenged stakeholders to rethink how to build liveable cities. Speakers at the WCS Session “Investing in a Sustainable and Equitable Recovery” discuss how cities can invest in sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity by rethinking frameworks, collaborating, and displaying “ambidextrous leadership”.

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