Better Cities Nov 2021

Better Cities | Nov 2021

Building Healthier and Happier Cities

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Health Districts: Converging Health and Wellbeing with Planning an Other Urban Systems

Singapore’s systems approach to urban planning has resulted in a clean city with an attractive and healthy environment that serves the needs of her people across life stages. As urban and social environments shape the health of a city’s people, this commentary explores how bringing together health and wellbeing with urban planning, design and other systems at a district-level can help address future health challenges.

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Prioritise People, Nature and Flexibility for Healthier and Happier Cities

The COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted the pressing question of how to build cities that help residents not just to live, but to flourish as healthy and happy individuals. City and industry leaders express their confidence in prioritising people-centric, nature-based, and flexible cross-disciplinary approaches for planning cities.

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Urban Solutions #19 | Designing Density Better for Cities and Nature City

COVID-19’s rapid spread in confined spaces has led to some criticism of high urban density. Professor Stephen Cairns, Director of the Singapore-ETH Centre’s Future Cities Laboratory, explains why this perception is flawed, and calls for better design of density to benefit both cities and the natural world.

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Urban Solutions #19 | Reimagining the Workspace of Tomorrow

Prof Sing Tien Foo, Director of the Institute of Real Estate and Urban Studies (IREUS) at the National University of Singapore, shares how physical office spaces will remain relevant in a post-pandemic economy, but with a new focus on flexibility and public health..

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Innovating Cities to be Fit for Many Futures

Cities’ innate capacity for innovation can equip them to respond confidently to future challenges. Speakers at the WCS Session “Facing the Future with Confidence” share how technology development and implementation will be crucial to tackling disruptions like infectious diseases and climate change, but only if citizens get on board.

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