Better Cities Dec 2021

Better Cities | Dec 2021

The Holiday Issue - Looking Ahead to 2022 

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A Holiday Message from Executive Director

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Global Cities Need Equity, Action, and Focus on Citizens

In the wake of COVID-19 and following COP26, how can we understand and revise global cities to help them emerge stronger? Global city leaders gathered to share their wisdom on combatting rising inequalities, collaborating urgently for climate action, and collectively re-imagining daily life as reshaped by the pandemic.

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Role of Public Spaces

At the Nobel Week Dialogue themed “The City of the Future”, panellists including CLC’s Research Director Dr Limin Hee discussed the role of public spaces in shaping a city’s norms and culture, and how engaging the community should be part and parcel of programming and rejuvenating such spaces.

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Designing Public Spaces with the Community

Read how designers partnered residents in Tampines, Singapore, to develop vibrant community spaces that encourage greater social interaction in their neighbourhood.

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Urban Solutions #19 | Sustainable Cities: Bridging the Gap

Envision Group’s International President Sylvie Ouziel outlines the challenges that cities must address to translate their vision of a smart and sustainable future into results on the ground.

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Urban Solutions #19 | Crisis Accommodations in Singapore

To manage a surge in COVID-19 cases in mid-2020, Singapore repurposed several large developments into temporary but robust community care facilities, relieving pressure on hospitals.

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