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Better Cities | Jun 2022

Future Seniors' Housing Models, Last Call to Sign Up for WCS 2022 and more

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Towards Future Seniors’ Housing and Care Models

By 2030, almost 1 in 4 in Singapore will be aged 65 and above. Seniors are a heterogeneous group with diverse aspirations, needs and life trajectories. How might housing and care services evolve to answer changing needs and support purposeful longevity, while offering choices to seniors? This commentary explores potential approaches that Singapore can consider in developing future-ready housing and care typologies for seniors.

Seniors are a heterogeneous group with diverse aspirations, life trajectories and housing needs.
Source: Nico Smit, Unsplash

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Discover the Latest Innovations at WCS 2022 Expo

The World Cities Summit 2022 Expo provides a platform for cities, corporates and others to profile themselves on a global stage. Key highlights include the Singapore Pavilion, booths presented by the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize Laureate cities and top-tier sponsors, and other participating cities, embassies, corporations, and business associations.

A new section of WCS 2022 Expo, the Smart Cities Expo will showcase some of the world’s leading urban sustainability solutions and technologies. Also, be the first to hear about the latest urban solutions being pitched at the City Innovators Stage, and forge new connections at the Industry Networking Night on 2 August.

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Roundtables and Co-Located Events at WCS 2022

Roundtables and Co-Located Events organised by WCS partners complement and reinforce the main programme of the Summit. Some of these include:
- Bloomberg Roundtable*
- International Finance Corporation Roundtable*
- Real Estate Developers Roundtable*
- Resilient Cities Network Roundtable*
- Senior Leaders Roundtable*
- Geospatial and the Cities of the Future
- Green and Digital Shipping Corridor: Stakeholder Workshop and MOU signing*
- Mastercard's City Possible Workshop series
- United Nations Development Programme

*by invite-only-event

Cambridge Road residents worked together to plan, create and maintain the greenway in their neighbourhood.

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Urban Solutions #20 | Visualising the Science of Cities

Data visualisations of a city and its systems are essential for understanding a city and its challenges. Ranging from 19th-Century sketches and drawings to today’s 3D-modelling and dynamic mapping, these visualisations move beyond the purposes of architecture and land-use planning to provide a lens on social, health, economic and environmental challenges in cities, galvanising change in planning and policy.

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Interested in how complexity science and data analytics can be applied in understanding cities and tackling urban challenges? Sign up for the WCS 2022 Science of Cities Symposium on 31 July 2022. Contact for more information.

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