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Emerging Stronger

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Last Chance to Catch World Cities Summit 2022 Virtual Conference

The World Cities Summit (WCS) 2022 Virtual Conference Video-on-Demand ends on 31 August at 23:59pm (GMT +08:00). Catch up on WCS sessions that you’ve missed and view original and exclusive virtual content including Special and Mayoral Addresses, Interviews and the Day Zero documentary.



Urban Solutions #21: Emerging Stronger

The Cities are at the frontline of the climate crisis, and womb to the innovations and resources needed to spawn solutions. How then can cities create sustainable futures fast enough, while emerging stronger in the process? Featuring interviews and guest articles by city leaders and experts, the latest issue of Urban Solutions explores the vision of a stronger and sustainable urban future.



ETHOS Issue 24: The Future of Urban Sustainability

In an era of climate impact and deepening energy and resource constraints, what can we do to make our cities more sustainable and liveable places to be? This special issue of ETHOS by the Civil Service College in collaboration with the CLC explores the theme of urban sustainability, with insights from city leaders, public sector practitioners and urban experts from around the world.



The Transition towards Sustainable Mobility

At the “Why We Cycle” event jointly organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore and the CLC, panel speakers discussed what it takes for both countries to transit towards a cleaner, greener and healthier future of mobility.

Mobility in the Netherlands and Singapore.
Source: Guus Baggermans/Unsplash; Joshua Tsu/Unsplash

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Urban Solutions #21 | An Inclusive and Sustainable Singapore

Indranee Rajah, Singapore’s Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Finance and Second Minister for National Development, gives us the lowdown on the city-state’s net-zero transition strategy, and how green finance, technology and the community will underpin its success.

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Mobility in the Netherlands and Singapore.
Source: Guus Baggermans/Unsplash; Joshua Tsu/Unsplash

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Urban Solutions #21 | In Advancing Sustainable Urbanisation, How PPPs Could Work

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have been key in enabling urban infrastructure building and public services delivery. Focusing on sustainable urbanisation, Tongji University’s Professor Zhu Dajian proposes a three-element framework that could make PPPs work for sustainable urban development.

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PPPs have significantly boosted infrastructure investments and accelerated economic growth in developing countries.
Source: Ernie / Flickr

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