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Better Cities | Sep 2022

Shaping Future-Ready Cities

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WCS 2022 Highlights

World Cities Summit (WCS) 2022 received overwhelming support with over 2,500 delegates attending in person, and more than 2,800 views for the virtual conference. Catch this year’s WCS highlights and look out for the full content on our YouTube channel starting in October 2022.



Building Community Resilience

Recognising that there can be no resilient city without a resilient community, this playbook documents the CLC’s exploration into developing a multi-stakeholder framework to measure and build social capital and community resilience in the built environment.



A Guide to Implementing Coastal Nature-Based Solutions for Singapore

Jointly developed by the CLC and NParks, this guide documents a shared understanding on a wide range of nature-based solutions, and the important principles to apply them in an urban coastal context, to reduce climate risks, regenerate ecosystem services and deliver greater societal gains for a City in Nature.



The Future of Urban Sustainability: Implications for Governance

How might we continue to build sustainability and liveability for our people, in the face of local and global shifts, climate change, resource pressures, changing societal values and other discontinuities? The CLC’s Foresight team has identified and developed a set of discontinuities and trends as a starting point for future cities to develop plausible scenarios and improve urban sustainability.

Climate change profoundly impacts cities through extreme weather patterns and more frequent extreme weather events.
Source: Dibakar Roy/Unsplash

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Urban Solutions #21 | How Singapore is Reinventing Itself in the New Era of Urban Logistics

Singapore, a leading global logistics hub, has continued to improve its urban logistics system in response to the last-mile delivery boom since COVID-19. Lim Eng Hwee, Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, details how.

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A customer collecting his delivery order from an Autonomous Mobile Robot during a recent pilot in Punggol, Singapore.
Source: OTSAW, Singapore

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Urban Solutions #21 | Vienna: At the Forefront Against Climate Change

Vienna, the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize 2020 Laureate, is a leader in adapting to climate change and limiting its adverse effects. Here are its groundbreaking initiatives, which have helped residents slash carbon emissions and improve their quality of life.

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(Left to right) The Danube River, Danube Island and the New Danube.
Source: saiko3p / Shutterstock

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