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A Holiday Message from Executive Director



City Focus: Climate Resilience Lessons from Cities Worldwide

With anticipated growth in urbanisation, cities are key in driving actions and collaborations to address the existential challenge of climate change. This panel, convened in collaboration with the Resilient Cites Network, shared insights and experience in building climate resilience and inspiring a climate resilient future, with city leaders and financial institutes from Athens, Monterrey, and Singapore.

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Encouraging Innovation for A More Sustainable Built Environment

With climate concerns looming, there has been a move towards more sustainable development, and growing interest in innovative technologies to help achieve this in the built environment. What are some conditions for the successful implementation of such innovations?

Source: Ethos Digital Issue 9, Sunseap

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Rethinking Sustainable Urban Governance

Anupam Yog, urbanist, researcher and creative strategist, discusses how best to define, measure and pursue the way we build our cities to ensure the long term, whole-of-life well-being of our people.

Source: Vernon Raineil Cenzon, Shutterstock

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Urban Solutions #21 | Keeping Cities Cool as the World Heats Upy

As global temperatures rise because of climate change, demand for cooling is expected to increase. Some cities have implemented district cooling systems as an energy-efficient solution. Researchers from the Centre for Liveable Cities explore some such projects.

Source: Chromatograph / Unsplash
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Urban Solutions #21 | Cities on the Rebound

Explore the transformative stories behind Antwerp, Boston and Lisbon – the 2020 Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize Special Mentions through this photo story.

Source: Stadt Antwerpen
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