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World Cities Summit 2024

It’s a wrap!

The 9th edition of the World Cities Summit, which ran from 2 to 4 June 2024, welcomed about 3,500 delegates, including mayors and city leaders from close to 100 cities.

Delegates attended an extensive programme of over 30 plenaries and sessions, under this year’s theme “Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Rejuvenate, Reinvent, Reimagine”.

We also hosted over 40 exhibitors and presenters in the WCS Exhibition, where innovative solutions to urban challenges were featured.

In addition, 8 Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) were inked and several publications were launched. We look forward to closer collaboration and knowledge sharing through joint projects and studies in the future. We will also be sharing videos of selected WCS sessions, so do follow the World Cities Summit LinkedIn page for the latest updates.


Launch of the City Network for the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize

The City Network for the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize (LKYWCP Network) was launched at the World Cities Summit 2024. The Network will facilitate knowledge exchange on building liveable and sustainable cities and contribute towards improving the lives of citizens around the world.

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A Liveability Framework for the Future

The refreshed Liveability Framework was launched at the World Cities Summit 2024. It considers current challenges and proposes an updated understanding of liveability outcomes for cities, as well as the supporting planning, governance and collaborative systems that enable them.

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Building Climate Resilience with Pacific Island States

Singapore hosted a week-long capability development programme for officials from 8 fellow small island-states in the Pacific Island Region. This is the first instalment of a three-year modular programme under the “Singapore-Pacific Resilience and Knowledge Sharing” Package.

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Future of Downtowns Roundtable at the World Cities Summit

The final session of a three-part Roundtable series on the Future of CBDs study was conducted at the World Cities Summit 2024. This roundtable expanded the conversation on CBD rejuvenation to stakeholders from around the world to obtain global perspectives on how cities are reimagining their future downtowns.

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Futureproofing Ageing Infrastructure Roundtable

The Futureproofing Ageing Infrastructure roundtable, co-organised by CLC and the Seoul Institute, shared policy frameworks and experiences from both Singapore and Seoul in managing ageing infrastructure, discussing of mutual interest issues, and learning points related to rejuvenation efforts.

Source: Karl Friedhof/Unsplash

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Urban Solutions #24: The Future of Cities

Issue 24 of Urban Solutions was launched at the World Cities Summit 2024. Titled “The Future of Cities”, this issue is aligned to the forwardlooking topics discussed at the Summit and features contributions by some key speakers.


Urban Solutions #23 | Urban Resilience and Climate Change: Innovative Solutions

Cities consume around 75% of the world’s energy and produce more than 75% of all carbon emissions. Cities are also experiencing very substantial impacts to life and property from extreme weather events.

In this article, Professor Barbara Foster, a World Cities Summit Knowledge Council 2024 member, explores how cities can adapt to and enhance resilience to climate change, highlighting Australia as a case study.

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