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Better Cities | Apr 2018

Will Cities Eventually Collapse?

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BC Highlights 201804 Will Cities Eventually Collapse?

Will Cities Eventually Collapse

“Social relationships don’t change with city size.”
- Prof Geoffrey West, Santa Fe Institute

Scaling up a city may bring economies of scale, but it also exponentially increases creativity and socio-economic activity. Prof Geoffrey West puts forth the question of how long such growth can be sustained in a world of limited resources. While cycles of technological innovation— such as the discovery of coal and the invention of computers—have kept alive the open-ended growth of cities, he argues that a sociological and cultural paradigm shift is needed for the planet to overcome the next inevitable collapse.

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BC Highlights 201804 Working Together to Bring the Community Closer by Tan Boon Huat

Working Together to Bring the Community Closer by Tan Boon Huat

Likening the People’s Association (PA) to a “ministry of national unity”, former PA Chief Executive Tan Boon Huat highlighted that grassroots participation remains vital in keeping citizens informed of government policies and uniting the nation during a crisis. Tan also encouraged the civil service to work closely with the PA in going out to meet the people and understanding the impact of their policies on the ground.

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BC Highlights 201804 Conserving the Way of Living in the Blue House

Conserving the Way of Living in the Blue House

Prof Ng Mee Kam, Vice-Chairman, Geography and Resource Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong

“[It is] important…to conserve the community and not just the building.”

The Blue House Conservation Project was coined as a living heritage in Hong Kong. It is the first successful community-driven effort to transform a “conserved” building into an anchor space for the community instead of yet another shopping facility. Prof Ng shares how non-profit organisation St James Settlement and the close-knitted tenants were key in conserving the building’s way of community living and not just its façade in this unique revitalisation process.

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BC Highlights 201804 Heritage as a Catalyst for Urban Regeneration ULI Asia Pacific Summit

Heritage as a Catalyst for Urban Regeneration ULI - Asia Pacific Summit

Singapore’s architects and planners in the Urban Redevelopment Authority have taken imaginative approaches to preserve most of the city’s built heritage, while allowing them to gain value through adaptive reuse. At the upcoming summit, CLC will be sharing the innovative ‘systems’ approach that influenced Singapore’s heritage conservation, as part of how Asian cities conserve their built heritage.

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BC Highlights 201804 World Cities Summit registration is now open!

World Cities Summit registration is now open!

The World Cities Summit is an exclusive platform for government leaders and industry experts to address liveable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships. The 6th World Cities Summit in 2018 will explore how cities can be more liveable and resilient through better governance and planning, technology and social innovations, as well as collaborations with various stakeholders and with other cities.

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BC Highlights 201804 Integrate and Initiate: Fukuoka’s Transport Infrastructure

Integrate and Initiate: Fukuoka’s Transport Infrastructure

How did Fukuoka, Japan, become one of the world’s most convenient cities for commuting? CLC researcher Remy Guo shares insights from a recent trip to the city, including infrastructure considerations, citizen initiatives and other sustainable transportation ideas for Singapore and other cities.

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Urban Solutions #12 | Prioritising the Environment: A Green Renewal

In a little over two decades, Rwanda has overcome a genocide to become one of the fastest-growing and cleanest nations in Africa. Urban Solutions looks at how the country has put the environment at the heart of inclusive and sustainable regeneration.

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Urban Solutions #12 | Kampong Glam: When Old is Also Hip

As one of the most historically significant neighbourhoods for the Malay and Muslim community in Singapore, Kampong Glam was conserved by the Urban Redevelopment Authority at the turn of 1990. But even with the successful restoration of heritage buildings and preservation of traditional trades, it was a challenge to revive the area and integrate it with the city’s modern landscape. To bridge the gap between traditional trades and new uses, conversations were started to build a common understanding among different stakeholders. These ongoing dialogues have set the stage for Kampong Glam to grow as a place where the past and present thrive together.

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