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Better Cities | Nov 2018

ASEAN's Urbanisation in the Digital Age

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ASEAN's Urbanisation in the Digital Age

ASEAN’s Urbanisation in the Digital Age

Hot off the press from the recent ASEAN Summit is this publication highlighting how 26 cities in this regional grouping are harnessing emerging technologies to drive transformation. These pioneer members of the ASEAN Smart Cities Network collectively outline their vision of what is a smart city and the benefits it can bring to the people for generations to come.

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Sharing Success: Partnering the Private Sector in Development

Sharing Success: Partnering the Private Sector in Development

The increasingly sophisticated private real estate sector can spur more innovation in the future transformation of Singapore, says Dr Seek Ngee Huat. The chairman of the National University of Singapore’s Institute of Real Estate Studies makes a case for why the private sector should have a bigger say in the development of a city and the ingredients required for a successful partnership.

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Ethel Pam Belcher

Working With What You Have

Ethel Pam Belcher, Mayor, Paynesville City Corporation, Liberia

“We don’t have much logistical support, so we have to be innovative in trying to keep our city clean.”

The largest city in Liberia leverages on the power of its people and businesses to manage its waste. A cleaning campaign saw the city employ casual workers, work with businesses to rent cleaning equipment and create transfer stations to take waste to the landfill. A coordinated effort to overcome its lack of professional resources, says the mayor of Paynesville.

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Chew Men Leong ST Engineering

Why Invest in Smart City Solutions?

Chew Men Leong, Chief Marketing Officer, ST Engineering

“You’re dealing with issues like congestion, physical and cybersecurity, how to optimise energy use and efficiency within the larger city systems.”

One of the strengths of a smart city lies in its ability to make sense of its environment, and provide relevant data for improvement — learn how ST Engineering’s CitySense solutions suite can help cities create a better quality of life for their citizens.

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Participants from the recent Connecting Delta Cities Network shared how engineering based real time reporting can build up community resilience

Changing Tides: Building Community Resilience to Tackle Climate Change

Infrastructure alone is not enough for coastal cities to manage the flood risks brought about by our changing climate. Participants from the recent Connecting Delta Cities show how they are complimenting their engineering solutions with projects that build up community resilience too.

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Infographic on the Singapore Liveability Framework

How to Build a Sustainable and Liveable City

The Singapore Liveability Framework is the city’s integrated approach to creating an endearing home and a distinctive global city. This is summed up succinctly in this infographic drawn up during the Civil Service College’s 11th Leaders in Governance Programme, presented by CLC's Executive Director Khoo Teng Chye.

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 Job seekers at a career fair in Shanxi, China, scan QR codes of companies and organisations to submit their resumes via social media platform WeChat.

Urban Solutions #13 | Using Social Media for Social Change

With the increasing popularity of social media, many cities are tapping on such digital platforms to engage with their citizens. This has led to many innovative service models which promise fresh approaches to age-old social issues.

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Nuisance from pigeons is one of the 3000 cases of feedback residents in Singapore give on municipal issues daily.

Urban Solutions #13 | Improving Municipal Services with Integration

To help government agencies and town councils deal with municipal issues that often cut across the purview of multiple organisations, the Municipal Services Office developed OneService@SG. This integrated case management system connects the feedback mechanisms of 11 agencies and 16 town councils, leading to a more coordinated municipal services.

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Sliding through Park Street in central Bristol became a reality after the Park and Slide project was successfully crowdfunded.

Urban Solutions #13 | Crowdfunding for a Better London

Besides soliciting feedback and engaging the public, how can cities give people more say in improving their neighbourhoods? The London-based crowdfunding platform, Spacehive, is helping connect ideas and funding to encourage individuals, businesses and government agencies to work together for local regeneration.

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