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Better Cities | Mar 2019

Age-Friendly Cities

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BC Highlights 201903 Age-Friendly Cities Lessons from Seoul and Singapore

Age-Friendly Cities: Lessons from Seoul and Singapore

In the face of an ageing population, both Seoul and Singapore aspire to create environments that support and empower their seniors. Launched this month in Seoul, this collection of case studies explores how the two cities formulate plans, programmes and policies for ageing-in-place and active aging. It is the third joint research publication between the Centre for Liveable Cities and the Seoul Institute.

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BC Highlights 201903 How Japan Manages Places Together 

How Japan Manages Places Together

Area Management Organisations are leading the rejuvenation of districts in Japan. These ground-up initiatives offer a platform for the government, businesses, community organisations and citizens to work together for the common good.

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BC Highlights 201903 Transforming Cities Step-by-Step

Transforming Cities Step-by-Step

Dr Yasui Miki, Professor of Hosei University and Vice-Chair, Japan Area Management Network
Fujii Hiroaki, General Manager, Area Management Promotion Office, Mitsubishi Estate

“We can think about easy and low-cost activities first, it’s a step-by-step urban planning process.”

“Short-term action for long-term change”—this is the mantra for transforming cities that Dr Yasui Miki lives by. The slogan from urban activist Mike Lydon’s Tactical Urbanism also describes how area management organisations are gradually transforming the Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho business district into a vibrant mixed-use area.

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BC Highlights 201903 A Resilient “City Forest”

A Resilient “City Forest”

Muhammad Syaifuddin Ambia, Head of Development, Administration Department, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

“Our city forest is a green belt, against tsunami.”

Some 15 years after experiencing one of the deadliest earthquakes and tsunami, the city of Banda Aceh has adopted a dual-pronged strategy for environmental resilience. Through infrastructural and green measures, it is creating a “city forest” to provide a safe haven for plants, animals and its people.

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BC Highlights 201903 Phnom Penh: Beyond its Past, Into the Future

Phnom Penh: Beyond its Past, Into the Future

From drain slates that are easier to maintain to flat streets that are accessible to all, the capital of Cambodia is taking small but meaningful steps in harnessing its rapid development to build a more liveable city.

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BC Highlights 201903 Growing Food, Cultivating Communities

Urban Solutions #14 | Growing Food, Cultivating Communities

To tackle the complex web of issues surrounding food, the city of Seattle is working across the government, businesses and the community to nurture an urban food system that is secure, sustainable and accessible to all.

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BC Highlights 201903 Farming for the Common Good

Urban Solutions #14 | Farming for the Common Good

The sunset industry of farming is experiencing a revival as more young graduates turn to urban farming. In Singapore, a group of passionate youths from the Edible Garden City are exploring a new model of community farming with a social mission.

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