Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City: A New Paradigm in Collaboration

Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City: A New Paradigm in Collaboration

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Singapore’s collaboration with the Chinese in Suzhou and Tianjin has shed light on the evolving needs of China over the years. When China accelerated its pace of urbanisation in the 1990s, Suzhou Industrial Park provided the platform through which China could learn Singapore’s industrial development model and development capabilities, and enable the transfer of public administration software. In the 2000s, when environmental problems arising from industrialisation became a major problem for China, Tianjin Eco-City was established as a platform for sharing Singapore’s experiences on balancing growth and environment protection.

Looking ahead, China’s market, which comprises maturing industrial development and a strong economy, is looking to upgrade to knowledge-based and higher value-added industries—as illustrated in the case of Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City.

“Guangzhou Knowledge City is a best-in-class example of enterprise-led, government-supported large-scale city development. This capability is crucial as the world urbanises faster and faster. The learnings gained in prior Sino-Singapore collaborations and put to work in Guangzhou Knowledge City are crisply captured in this Urban Systems Study, across five critical elements of city development and staged phases of large project evolution. This is a hands-on window into Singapore’s world leading expertise in creating competitive new cities.”

— Mr John D. Macomber, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School