Singapore UN-Habitat International Leaders in Urban Governance Programme (SGUNHiLUGP)

The Singapore-UN-Habitat International Leaders in Urban Governance Programme (SGUNHiLUGP) brings together urban development experts from UN-Habitat and Singapore to share and discuss urban policies, planning and legislations, urban financing, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda as well as Singapore’s successful urban practices and model of urban transformation.

Participants on a learning journey at Singapore River
Participants on a learning journey at Singapore River

Action-planning discussion with urban development experts
Action-planning discussion with urban development experts

Participants on a site visit to Marina Barrage
Site visit to Marina Barrage

Participants sharing on their projects
Participants sharing on their projects

Through learning journeys and action planning sessions, the programme will address the following key issues and more:

  • Integrated urban development planning
  • Urban density and sustainability
  • Dynamic urban governance
  • Sustainable environment
  • Transport and mobility
  • Financing a city
  • Housing

Programme Outline

  • Assist cities to understand financing sources and models to execute projects
  • Encourage cross sector knowledge exchange to develop sustainable cities through integrated long term planning and dynamic urban governance
  • Monitor and evaluate these projects for continuous improvement
  • Promote peer-to-peer learning and networks among city leaders
  • Provide city leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools that will enable them to lead change in their cities’ urban planning, thereby contributing directly to achievement of the SDGs
  • Provide clarity on the SDGs and how to achieve them as well as share Singapore’s Liveability Framework and best practice examples
  • Support cities to plan, innovate and implement projects to catalyse change
  • Support city leaders work through specific project challenges based on best practice

Participants' Testimonials

“It is true that we can’t copy and paste the Singapore experience, but the topics discussed were useful and brought about a change in the way of thinking and overview about planning.”
Ferao Felix Manave, Municipal Secretary, Boane Municipality, Maputo, Mozambique
“Programme provides a platform for comparison with African systems. The structure is right and methodology is very practical and interactive. Programme management and time keeping was great.”
Eunice Kumunga, County Executive Committee Member Land, Housing & Physical Planning, Kiambu, Kenya
“We have been sensitised, we have been refined, educated, we have been remodelled in our ways of thinking and it has taught us so many lessons, which we have picked up through the various lectures and sessions that we have had.”
Edna Deimi Tobi, Deputy Director of Urban and Regional Development, Abuja, Nigeria
“The material given with support of site visits, knowledge sharing, and planning was excellent. Presentations were of high quality with fundamental explanations.”
George Munyaneza, Urban Development Project Co-ordinator, Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda 

Eligibility Criteria

  • The programme is hosted in Singapore and is addressed to city leaders and senior officials from Latin American cities to apply to the programme. Acceptance of applicants into the programme is subject to the submission of completed application documents and space availability. The organisers reserve the right to decide on the selection and final acceptance of all applicants. Participants will be selected based on the following eligibility and criteria. Applicant comes from the following countries: Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama;

  • Applicant comes from a city undergoing rapid urbanisation and facing challenges related to the achievement of SDGs, especially SDG 11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities;

  • Applicant forms part of a 2-person teams. Cities are expected to send teams comprising one (1) City Leader (mayor, deputy mayor or equivalent with executive responsibilities in urban management) and one (1) senior official (at the level of a chief planner, chief engineer or equivalent;

  • Applicant has a good, working knowledge of both written and spoken English as all sessions and discussions will be conducted in English;

  • Applicant is fully vaccinated with WHO EUL COVID-19 vaccines

Programme Fees

The organisers will cover the costs of the programme fees for all eligible and selected participants which also includes programme materials, official meals, local transport to/from the training venue, basic insurance coverage during the stay in Singapore, per diem, and accommodation in Singapore for the nights of 4 to 9 September 2022 (6 nights).

The sponsorship does not cover the costs of airfare, airport transfers, visa fees, travel insurance and expenses not stipulated above. Participants are expected to take care of their own travel from home to Singapore and return. As the basic insurance coverage is limited The basic insurance coverage does not cover any pre-existing conditions/illnesses and/or any outpatient medical/dental treatment., participants are strongly advised to purchase comprehensive travel insurance which includes medical evacuation in case they encounter any unexpected emergencies.


Cities are expected to send teams comprising a city leader (mayor, deputy mayor or equivalent with executive responsibilities in urban management) and 1-2 senior officials (at the level of a ChiefPlanner, Chief Engineer, Permanent Secretary/Deputy Secretary/Director General level etc.

  1. Download and complete the application form for each city team member
  2. Submit all members’ application forms, together with the city concept paper, to Ramona_ZUZARTE_FROM.TP@mnd.gov.sg by 18 July 2022.

The application forms will be evaluated for their completeness, the seniority of the participating team, the relevance of the urban project etc. Successful applications will be duly informed.

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