Better Cities May 2020

Better Cities | May 2020

Healthy Cities in a Post-Pandemic World

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Beyond Good Healthcare: Designing Healthy Cities

A healthy city delivers more than just good healthcare. Hear health and urban planning experts share how to plan and design cities that also promote healthy behaviours and all-round health and wellbeing, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic context.

Image: MārtiΕ†š Zemlickis, Unsplash

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A City in Blue and Green

Based on the book “A City in Blue and Green: The Singapore Story”, Prof. Peter G. Rowe, and co-writer Dr Limin Hee as panellist, will share the unique strategies that transformed Singapore into a “clean and green” powerhouse, and how this can help the city respond to more contemporary disruptions.

4 June 2020, Thursday
7:00pm – 7:40pm (GMT+8)

Image: Peter G. Rowe

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Modelling a New Normal: Social Distancing’s Impact on Land Use

Social distancing is needed to stop the spread of COVID-19, but how do they impact commuting, employment and residential patterns in cities? Prof. Michael Batty from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis will share his findings based on spatial modelling. Singapore’s Chief Planner and Deputy CEO of the Urban Redevelopment Authority Hwang Yu-Ning will be a guest moderator at this webinar.

18 June 2020, Thursday
4.00pm – 4.40pm (GMT+8)

Image: Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

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Post-Pandemic Recovery Plans

Localising food and supply chains, growing local greens and using technology are some strategies cities have adopted to embrace the ‘new normal’ in a post-pandemic era. Five experts, including CLC’s Research Director Limin Hee, share how their cities are turning the crisis into opportunities.

Image: Project Citizen

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Sustainable Finance for Liveability

COVID-19 has reinforced the need for resilient cities, and has put much of the world’s focus in healthcare resilience. This can only be achieved through sustainable and innovative financing schemes, says CLC’s Executive Director Khoo Teng Chye in an interview with Standard Chartered.

Image: Modes Rodríguez

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Urban Solutions #16 | Move in the Right Direction

Discover the 10 ways of creating public spaces that improve people’s health, according to Lucy Sanders, the creator of the Healthy Streets Approach. First adopted in London, it is now being applied in cities around the world.

Image: Don Byatt, flickr
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Urban Solutions #16 | Ageing Well Together

At Kampung Admiralty, a model for ageing in place, seniors can join a mass exercise, check on their health, and even play with their grandchildren—all at their doorstep. The entire development is designed with the elderly in mind.

Image: Housing & Development Board
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