MND Internship Programme

The CLC offers internships for local students under the MND Internship Programme. More information can be obtained from


Student Fellowship Programme

The CLC Student Fellowship Programme is a full-time immersion programme (min. 8 weeks) for foreign post-graduate students studying in local leading universities and tertiary institutions to be attached to the CLC during their mid-year term break. The objective is to promote knowledge sharing and build a global network of young, aspiring and brilliant people who share CLC’s keen interest in liveable and sustainable cities.

The scope of the programme would include attachments to CLC’s projects, initiatives or events to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking. The programme provides an opportunity for the student fellows to strengthen their understanding and appreciation of specific CLC domains, appreciate the integrated and multi-disciplinary planning approach toward creating a city’s liveability and sustainability, and forge friendships and ties with CLC and its stakeholder agencies, and relevant contacts from CLC’s wider research and partnership network.

Candidates for the CLC Student Fellowship Programme must demonstrate good academic performance and intellectual rigour and have proven interest in CLC’s domain interests in integrated urban solutions and research. The following documents should be submitted as part of your application:

-        CV (with contact details);
-        Cover letter;
-        Soft copy of MOM student pass.

Additional documents supporting exemplary performance at previous internships/fellowships, as well as referee letters or academic sponsorship from the home institution can be submitted to support your application.

For application/enquiries about the Student Fellowship Programme, please email:

- Ms Norlita Hamzah at


Working at the CLC has been a truly eye-opening experience for me. I got a chance to learn about the CLC's role in shaping some on the key urban development policies in Singapore. The CLC's role as a think tank has also exposed me to a lot of emerging ideologies like car-lite and sustainable development. Most importantly, my fellow co-workers have warm and helpful in immersing me in the CLC experience. The group of interns have also forged strong connections to support one another. All in all, the CLC has been very beneficial towards my personal development and I would highly recommend students to intern at the CLC to have a glimpse of Singapore's national development in action!

Danny Soo, Research Intern

Graduate, Master of Science in Technology Management, Renaissance Engineering Programme, Nanyang Technological University
My three-and-a-half-month internship at the CLC has been nothing short of meaningful and fulfilling. I gained insight into the CLC’s research and publishing work, while also learning about the local urban development practices. One of the highlights of my stint here was contributing an illustration article to one of the CLC’s publications. Having worked with colleagues from various fields, the learning opportunities were extensive. Furthermore, the CLC is filled with such amiable and genuine people that made the experience working at the CLC all the more enjoyable.

Liew Yuqi, Research Intern

Graduate, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Architecture, National University of Singapore
My experience at the CLC was an eye-opening one, especially for someone who had yet to have an experience in the civil service before the internship. Having worked on various projects, the CLC strives to make Singapore a liveable city, from one that creates inclusive, healthy and accessible neighbourhoods, to one that boasts its title and status as a Garden in a City. As an Environmental Studies student with an interest in Geography, the CLC provided an array of platforms for me to apply what I have learnt in school. More importantly, this was only possible due to the nature of the CLC being an interdisciplinary sector of the civil service, aspiring to cement all ministries within the government sector. Indeed, the CLC is a not only a great platform for an experience in the civil service, but also a ministry that has great potential in making Singapore a truly liveable city.

Low Sze Ting, Research Intern

Undergraduate, Bachelor of Environmental Studies, National University of Singapore