The Centre distills key learning points from Singapore’s urban development journey since its independence in 1965, while creating knowledge to address emerging urban challenges. It shares this knowledge with local and international urban leaders, with the aim of positioning Singapore as a global hub for urban solutions. The Centre’s work spans four main areas:



The Centre focuses on two key research questions: 

  • How has Singapore transformed since its independence in 1965?
  • How should urban development knowledge be applied to address current and future challenges for Singapore and other cities?

The Centre’s research output includes the Urban Systems Studies series focusing on key areas of Singapore’s urban development, and forward-looking research publications that tackle both persistent and emerging urban challenges by drawing on the Centre’s global network to develop city case studies.

Liveability Framework Urban System Solutions Forward-Looking Research

Capability Development 


Each year, the Centre conducts practitioner-oriented training for more than 700 Singaporean and international participants. Tiered at different management levels, the Local Programmes are designated key training for Public Service officers in Singapore’s Infrastructure and Environment sector, and instill a deeper and broader understanding of Singapore’s model for urban governance and policy dilemmas. The Centre’s International Programmes are designed to encourage the application of guiding principles for high-density, high-liveability urban development and management, as drawn from Singapore’s experiences and adapted to the challenges of participants’ cities.

Local Milestones Programmes International Programmes

Knowledge Platforms 


The Centre shares knowledge and cultivates thought leadership on liveable and sustainable cities through the flagship World Cities Summit, as well as a range of publications and partnerships.

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World Cities Summit Publications CLC Lecture Series Other Events



The Centre provides advisory services on urban and infrastructure planning, development and management to developing cities. Cities the Centre has worked with include Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, India; and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Advisory Services Key Partners