International Programmes

The Centre organises the international Leaders in Urban Governance Programme (iLUGP), a customisable capability development programme for foreign mayors, city leaders and officials from urban sectors.

The one-week programme distils lessons from Singapore’s transformative urban development since independence. Urban systems, including governance, planning, water, waste, transport, housing, greening, and economic development, are covered through lectures, learning journeys and action planning sessions. During the week, participants will also visit key urban projects that complement lectures on urban systems studies as well as consult sector experts through action planning sessions. The programmes also offer good networking opportunities for city leaders across different regions to engage and learn from fellow leaders.

The Centre has conducted iLUGP with partners including Temasek Foundation International, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UN-Habitat, Japan International Co-operation Agency and International Enterprise Singapore.

Past ILUGPs include:

The Temasek Foundation International Leaders in Urban Governance Programme is open for government nomination. For more details, please visit here.