Towards Future Seniors’ Housing and Care Models
Stephanie Tan and Elly Chiu

Size: 1.44 MB
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Digital Platforms for Tracking Environmental Performance: A Case Study of the Resilient Sydney Platform
Erwan Xiao and Huijuan Wu

Size: 967 KB
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Health Districts: Converging health and well-being with planning and other urban systems
Elly Chiu and Elaine Tan

Size: 4.5 MB
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Singapore’s COVID-19 Response and Rethinking the New Urban Normal: A Commentary
Deborah Dominique Chan, Elly Chiu, Ami Firdaus and Elyssa Kaur Ludher

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Master Developer Projects in Singapore: Lessons from Suntec City and Marina Bay Financial Centre

Choy Chan Pong and Phua Shi Hui

Size: 708 KB
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A Softer Approach To Managing Domestic Waste: The Importance of Stakeholder Engagement in Seoul’s Waste Management Strategy
Tessa Kwek Wei Ling and Lim Wei Da

Size: 1.09 MB
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First Things First: The Question of Prioritisation in Singapore’s Urban Governance Experience

Elgin Toh and Mercy Wong

Size: 1.48 MB
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Reinventer Paris (Reinventing Paris) Innovation as a key consideration for land sale sites
Thibault Pilsudski and Michael Koh

Size: 4.82 MB
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Determining the value of leasehold land: A closer look at “Bala’s Table”
Kwek Sian Choo and Dionne Hoh

Size: 1.96 MB
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Elevated Pedestrian Linkways — Boon or Bane?
Anna Ponting and Vincent Lim

Size: 561 KB
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Smart City, Smart Residents: Seoul’s ‘Smart’ Transformation Accelerates Under Mayor Park
Zhou Yimin, May Ee Wong and Koo A Mi 

Size: 1.22 MB
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Lessons from New York for Singapore’s Smart Nation Journey

Anna Ponting and Zhou Yimin

Size: 1.09 MB
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Maintaining Independence, Establishing Communities: International Case Studies of Assisted Living for the Elderly
Tan Guan Hong

Size: 8.16 MB
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A Historic Heart: How Heritage Districts Can Make Cities More Liveable
Michael Koh and Katyana Melic

Size: 4.57 MB
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Harnessing Complexity and Data Science to Develop Urban Solutions for Singapore
Zhou Yimin, Erin Tan, Joanne Khew, Belinda Tan, Kwong Hui Mei, Xu Yuting, Chong Hwee Jane and Dr Limin Hee

Size: 9.69 MB
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Building a Liveable City- Cities Roundtable Report 2017
Joshua Sim, Dr Limin Hee and Alvin Pang

Size: 36.32 MB
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Ethnographic Data and Livability Research
Martha Kaplan

Size: 182 KB
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Linking Research to Practice
Alisha Gill, Mercy Wong and  Dr Limin Hee

Size: 3.17 MB
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Dr Ronald Waterman

Size: 472 KB
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Cities Roundtable 2014

Size 1.60 MB
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Cities Roundtable 2013

Size:1.13 MB
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Proceedings of the International Workshop on Best Practice of Climate Change Action Plan of C40 Cities in East Asia

Size: 2.77 MB
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Urban Insiders: Joint Efforts for Cities Research 

Size: 312 KB
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Turning Dead Spaces into Dynamic Places for Entrepreneurship
Dionne Hoh

Size: 270 KB
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Cloudburst Solutions in Copenhagen
Michelle Chng Wei Ping

Size: 342 KB
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