Better Cities June 2023


Better Cities | June 2023

Sustainable Development in Cities

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Singapore’s participation in UN Habitat General Assembly

Singapore, represented by CLC’s Executive Director, Hugh Lim, participated in the 2nd Session of the UN-Habitat Assembly (UNHA2) earlier in June. Hugh also delivered Singapore’s National Statement at the Assembly.

Debates and discussions at UNHA2 revolved around the theme “A sustainable urban future through inclusive and effective multilateralism: achieving

Singapore’s National Statement may be found here

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Towards a More Human-Centred City: 2050 Seoul Grand Plan

Dr Inhee Kim, Seoul Institute’s Director, Office of Planning and Coordination, and Senior Research Fellow, gave a lecture on the visionary 2050 Seoul Grand Plan that proposes and presents a step-by-step implementation plan for a comprehensive and future-oriented restructuring of urban infrastructure.

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Source: Seoul Institute


WCS 2022 Interview

What are the top challenges that cities will face in 2040 that are currently not given enough attention, but need to be addressed urgently?

Hear from WCS Knowledge Council member Soren Brondum, Managing Director, Ramboll.


Source: Seoul Institute


Urban Solutions #22 | Rethinking Water Sustainability With Public Private Partnerships

Ong Key Wee, head of Singapore’s Public UtilitiesBoard’s (PUB) Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Management Office, shares the case for PPPs and highlights the considerations for positive outcomes in Singapore’s water journey.

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Urban Solutions #22 | Leveraging Private Sector Relationships to Scale Mission-Driven Work

Rebuild by Design (Rebuild)uses collaborative, design-driven problem-solving to help communities and cities build resilience. Working with APTIM and iParametrics, Rebuild published an accessible compendium of county-bycounty climate impacts.

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World Cities Summit Mayors Forum 2023

The World Cities Summit Mayors Forum will be hosted by Seoul, the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize 2018 Laureate, from 24 – 26 September this year.

Discussions will centre around the main theme of “Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Forging an Inclusive and Resilient Future’, as well as four sub-themes on topics such as inclusivity and climate resilience.


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