Engineers as Urban Systems Innovators


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“ How to harvest every drop of rainwater… How to make Changi Airport the world’s best… How to make engineering education effectively multi-disciplinary… Singapore has overcome these and other development challenges.

One key reason for Singapore’s success is a characteristic that the distinguished engineers featured in this book shared—always taking a holistic, integrated approach to problem-solving, based on multi-disciplinary, collaborative teamwork. This made them urban systems innovators.

This book, a collaboration between the Professional Engineers Board and the Centre for Liveable Cities at the Ministry of National Development, captures their experiences and insights. The career highlights of Singapore’s pioneer engineers—including Tan Gee Paw, Liew Mun Leong, Cham Tao Soon, Shahzad Nasim, Chang Meng Teng and Tan Ee Ping—illustrate key facets of the Singapore story, in the making of one of the world’s most liveable cities. “