Liveable and Sustainable Cities: A Framework

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In the space of just four decades, Singapore made the leap from an urban slum to a thriving global city-state. Today, it is a densely populated metropolis, with more than 5 million people inhabiting 710 km2 of land. In most liveable city surveys it is rated one of the few high-density cities that are able to achieve high liveability standards.

How did Singapore achieve this transformation and balance of density and liveability? What did it learn in the process?

Liveable and Sustainable Cities: A Framework examines the roles of Singapore’s pioneering leaders and their innovative policies and enabling processes with a view to discerning the broad principles that contributed to their ability to achieve successful transformation and balanced development. Beyond discussing Singapore’s experience, this book takes a comparative look at the development journeys of selected international cities and concludes that there are broad universal principles of integrated master planning and dynamic urban governance which underlie successful cities.