Jurong Island: Creating a World-Class Energy and Chemicals Hub

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Jurong Island: Creating a World-Class Energy and Chemicals Hub chronicles the genesis, planning and development of Jurong Island. Originally seven small islands located south of Singapore, Jurong Island today serves as the base of operations for over 100 leading chemical and energy companies. Convincing international companies to invest in Singapore was no easy feat and required the creation and provision of competitive advantages, such as its vertically integrated structure and plug-and-play concept. Jurong Island is also constantly examining ways to remain competitive and sustainable in an increasingly unpredictable world, whether through diversifying to include specialty chemicals, building research and innovation capabilities, implementing digitisation, or moving towards a circular economy. This study examines Singapore’s approach to managing and growing such heavy industries while maintaining a high level of liveability and sustainability.

“Today, we are the third largest oil refining centre in the world, and [a] petrochemical centre, with all the major oil companies having significant investments here. It is a huge achievement considering that we have no energy supplies of our own, not much land area, nor any other natural advantages except that we had the idea, we could execute and implement, and we made it happen.” - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong