Punggol: From Farmland to Smart Eco-Town


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Over the last three decades, Punggol has transformed from farmland with highly pollutive industries to an attractive waterside smart eco-town beloved by residents. This successful outcome was achieved only through focused and deliberate actions that addressed recessions, complex pollution problems and the challenges of building a highly dense community from the ground up.

Punggol Town’s development journey is a result of innovations in housing, water infrastructure, urban design, transport, smart technologies, and greening. The outcome is now a sustainable, vibrant, smart and ecologically sensitive township of nearly 200,000 people.

This Urban System Study captures the decisions, policies and actions in Punggol’s development journey.

“Experience gained in the planning process, together with rigorous testing in large-scale, real world settings, make Punggol a replicable model for master-planned communities, both nationally and globally.” - Urban Land Institute
Citation for Punggol Town winning the 2021 Global and
Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence