Better Cities Jul 2020

Better Cities | Jul 2020

Weathering the Storm with Resilience and Innovation

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Urban Solutions 17: Adapting to a Disrupted World

Cities are reimagining themselves in innovative ways to stay resilient against environmental challenges and the COVID-19 pandemic. Read about their transformations in the latest issue of Urban Solutions — “Adapting to a Disrupted World”.


USS Water: From Scarce Resource to National Asset (Revised)

Water is an existential issue for Singapore. A resilient water supply is critical to ensure liveability and growth. The revised Urban Systems Study captures the lessons learnt from Singapore’s journey in turning its water constraints into a virtue.


Emerging Stronger, Through Infrastructure

As cities prioritise health, infrastructure promoting it is a rare bright spot, said Minister Indranee Rajah at the webinar ‘Emerging Stronger: Healthy and Sustainable Infrastructure’. Loh Ah Tuan, Pang Yee Ean and Seth Tan agreed funds are available, and technology is exciting, but cities need good partners for successful projects.

Image: komushiru, shutterstock

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Flattening the Energy Curve

Electric vehicle batteries coupled with artificial intelligence and the Internet-of-Things can “flatten the curve” of intermittent solar or wind energy, says the Chairman of Envision Digital International Ko Kheng Hwa. Find out about his proposals to raise the proportion of renewable energy in an economy.

Image: Envision Digital

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Rebuilding the Construction Industry: The Russian View

A reliable sector of economic growth for centuries, construction is facing new challenges such as safe distancing and affordability amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Russia’s Deputy Minister Nikita Stasishin assesses the future of this sector and the Kremlin’s response.

13 August 2020, Thursday
4.00pm – 4.40pm (GMT+8)



Amsterdam Leading the Way: Towards Car-lite Cities

Amsterdam is welcoming growing numbers of Amsterdammers, visitors and tourists, it faces increasing pressure on its public spaces and transport infrastructure. Deputy Mayor Sharon Dijksma, who cycles for both work and leisure, presents how Amsterdam creates safe, liveable and accessible streets, especially in light of disruptions like COVID-19.

27 August 2020, Thursday
4.00pm – 4.40pm (GMT+8)



Can Cities be Designed for Better Healthcare?

Where we live and how it is designed shapes not just our lives and behaviour, but also our health. Prof Lam Khee Poh shares three ways urban planners and architects in Singapore are building a healthier city.

Image: Christian Chen, unsplash

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Urban Solutions #17 | Cities That Bend, Not Break

Cities that take the systems approach can better adapt to social, political and economic disruptions during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, says Dr Judith Rodin, former president of The Rockefeller Foundation and a champion of resilience and impact investing.

Image: Judith Rodin
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Urban Solutions #17 |The Fight of the Century

In a world facing multiple disruptions, such as climate change, widening socioeconomic divides and the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Los Angeles shows how having a long-term plan to tackle environmental challenges and social justice can help secure a prosperous yet sustainable future.

Image: ZUMA Press, Inc., Alamy Stock Photo
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