Better Cities Aug 2020

Better Cities | Aug 2020

Climate Resilience Around the World

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Climate Resilience the Dutch Way

To adapt to climate change, the Netherlands initiated the Delta Programme, which integrates flood prevention, freshwater supply and spatial planning. Programme commissioner Peter Glas imparts key lessons for similar efforts in Singapore.

Image: Tanathip Rattanatum, pexels

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Sponge Cities: Think Like a King, Act Like a Peasant

In their search for scientific and economical urban solutions, dense cities can look to inspirational approaches of ‘big picture’ systems planning, especially ecological infrastructure masterplans, says Prof. Yu Kongjian. Yet, cities can also take reference from ancient peasant wisdom—farming and water management techniques like terracing, ponding and islanding. Rather than simply copying, his team created standardised and replicable modules applicable to both small communities and regional landscape restoration.

Image: Turenscape

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Harnessing Fundamentals for Recovery in Russia

Safety, affordable housing, innovation and cooperation are key planks the Russian construction industry has taken to overcome the on-going global COVID-19 pandemic. The federation’s Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities Nikita Stasishin outlines how policymakers can respond.

Image: Valeriy Sharifullin/TASS

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Seeding a Food-Secure Future

COVID-19 has triggered panic-buying, stockpiling and food protectionism, exposing an over-reliance on highly efficient supply chains and rational governance. Hear how cities and multilateral banks can ensure affordability and accessibility to nutritious food in the face of disruptions, which will only become more frequent due to pandemics and climate change.

10 September 2020, Thursday
8.00pm – 8.40pm (GMT+8)

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From Districts to Cities: The Sustainable Way

Districts offer a testbed to prototype new technologies—such as district cooling and energy-as-a-service (EaaS) models, shared Vice President of SP Group S. Harsha at the Ecosperity Conversations webinar. CLC’s Research Director Limin Hee also showcased districts that help cities to achieve high economic performance, alongside high liveability and sustainability.

Image: Housing & Development Board

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Rethinking Resilient Cities around the Globe

As rising tides increasingly threaten coastal cities, the concept of “city resilience” continues to evolve, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent webinar hosted by the Urban Land Institute Europe, CLC’s executive director Khoo Teng Chye shared how five coastal cities have updated their responses to climate change.

Image: Housing & Development Board

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Urban Solutions #17 | Towards a Climate Resilient Singapore

As “climate realists”, the Singapore government adopts a practical approach towards climate change. It has introduced a host of mitigation and adaptation strategies to help businesses innovate solutions.

Image: TODAY
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Urban Solutions #17 |Safeguarding Singapore’s Future

The low-lying tropical island of Singapore has adopted a comprehensive plan to defend itself against climate change and rising sea levels, as well as support the global effort towards a low-carbon future.

Image: Urban Solutions, CLC
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