Singapore, Unlimited


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Singapore, Unlimited documents the planning and development of modern Singapore.

Focusing on landmark achievements such as the urban master plan, public housing, the Mass Rapid Transit system, Changi Airport and the Port of Singapore, this book draws on detailed research and insightful first-person interviews with a group of pioneering planners, economists, engineers and transport experts, to provide an account of the country's stunning transformation.

These individuals, together with Singapore's post-independence leaders, foresaw and believed in the country's limitless potential for transformation. In less than four decades, their drive, ambition and hard work helped transform an over-populated, polluted and blight-stricken country bereft of natural resources into a leading global city and sustainable nation-state.

Singapore, Unlimited brings a compelling personal angle to the story of Singapore's success. The book explores the qualities of pragmatism, long-term thinking, calculated risk-taking and clean government that propelled the country to first-world status. It is a valuable resource for researchers and academics, as well as all who are interested in policy-making, urban planning and sustainable development.