Better Cities Feb 2020

Better Cities | Feb 2020

Rejuvenating Singapore’s Heartlands, Planning for a Rainy Day, The Hidden Wealth of Cities and more

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Rejuvenating Singapore’s Heartlands

Community hubs have injected new life into Singapore’s town centres by co-locating previously separate public and commercial amenities. CLC researchers examine the impact of such a collaboration by various government agencies.

Image: Luther Seet
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Small But Impactful

Tita Larasati, Chairperson of Bandung Creative City Forum

“Urban Acupuncture is this needle of creativity that we inject into the community to improve their living area.”

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Planning for a Rainy Day: Climate-Ready Cities

In an increasingly volatile world, how can city leaders, urban planners and designers prepare and protect our economies, infrastructure, and our most vulnerable communities? Join the conversation this July at the World Cities Summit 2020. Registration starts in March.

Image: Charles Wiriawan

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The Hidden Wealth of Cities

A third of a city’s land area globally consists of public space — how can we unlock their “hidden” value? CLC researchers and government agencies contributed to a new World Bank publication to show how Singapore has enhanced its urban health and vibrancy through the design of public streets, park connectors and markets.

Image: Sazzad Aryan
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Remembering 30 Years of Conservation

Land reclamation and incentivising owners to restore ageing properties were crucial for encouraging conservation in Singapore, says CLC’s Executive Director Khoo Teng Chye. The former head of the national urban redevelopment agency is one of 30 individuals who share how they shaped the city-state’s efforts to protect its built heritage.

Image:Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore

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Urban Solutions #16 | Building a Healthy City

Singapore is creating a liveable city that promotes health and well-being for citizens in order to battle climate change and other environmental challenges, says its Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli.

Image: Yane Kang
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Urban Solutions #16 | Into a Tech-Enabled Future

Tokyo is employing various technologies to tackle challenges arising from its dwindling and ageing population, and a shrinking workforce. Hiroo Ichikawa, Executive Director of The Mori Memorial Foundation, envisions this coming future.

Image: Modes Rodríguez

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