Better Cities Apr 2020

Better Cities | Apr 2020

The Heritage Issue: Uncovering the Intangible Heritage

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Place Management in Japan and Singapore

With its rich tradition of community groups, such as the Area Management Organisation, taking care of urban spaces, Japan offers many lessons for how Singapore’s Business Improvement Districts can improve its place management.

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Uncovering the Intangible Heritage

Donovan Rypkema, President, Heritage Strategies, International Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania

“There’s a lack of recognition in the role that built heritage has in maintaining the intangible heritage.”

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Conserving the Cradle of Chinese Civilisation

In this bustling Chinese province, conservation is not just about preserving its millennia worth of ancient relics and structures, but improving the local ecology and the living conditions of its people too.

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Urban Solutions #16 | Cycling as a Way of Life in Vancouver

On its route to achieving bike-friendly status, Vancouver has successfully dealt with challenges such as “bikelash” and climate change. Its secret? An inclusive design blueprint catering to all ages and abilities, known as “Triple A”.

Image: Michael Wheatley
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Urban Solutions #16 | Secrets to Healthier, Happier Citizens

The traditional linear planning approach fails to address the complexity of cities and how humans behave. Cities are now adopting human-centric approaches to shape environments for the sake of their citizens’ mental and physical health.

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