Better Cities Dec 2020

Better Cities | Dec 2020

The Holiday Issue - Looking Ahead to 2021

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A Holiday Message

from the Executive Director

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Providing Homes for All: Insights from Singapore & Shanghai

The inaugural CLC-Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing, Urban-Rural Development and Management (MCHURDM) research collaboration distils Singapore’s and Shanghai’s affordable housing provision through five key aspects: neighbourhood planning, affordability, housing construction and design, estate rejuvenation and management, as well as community building and resident engagement.

This publication is produced under the ambit of the Singapore-Shanghai Comprehensive Cooperation Council, which was established in April 2019 to deepen engagement and cooperation between Singapore and Shanghai.

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Building Climate Resilience in Cities: 10 Principles to Forge a Cooperative Ecosystem

Climate change is too challenging for a single entity to take on alone. Drawing on insights from the U.S., Europe and Asia, CLC’s latest joint publication with the Urban Land Institute offers cities a practical framework to reshape city ecosystems and enhance their climate resilience in collaboration with the private sector.

Join us at the ‘Public and Private: Joining Forces for Climate Resilience’ panel discussion at the World Cities Summit 2021 Preview on 29 January, where government and private sector representatives discuss how to nurture a cooperative relationship for more liveable, sustainable and equitable resilience outcomes.

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WCS Preview: Free Hybrid Event

A year into the pandemic, what can cities do to emerge more liveable, sustainable and resilient? How can the real estate and technology sectors help cities respond to challenges ranging from environmental, health and economic crises to social and technological disruptions? Join our WCS Preview on 29 January to engage leaders from Singapore, Britain, China, the Netherlands, United States and Vietnam on these questions.

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Going Back to Basics, Yet Moving Forward

Over 90 percent of countries around the world experienced disruptions of health services due to Covid-19. UN-Habitat Executive Director Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Dr Mohamud Adan Mohamed from Kenya, Bindu Brewer from Liberia and urban strategist Dr Zaheer Allam discuss how cities need to return to basics in providing health services to build inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities.

Image: UN-Habitat

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Singapore and Shanghai: Emerging Stronger in a Post-Covid World

Metropolitan cities such as Singapore and Shanghai are implementing new norms to the planning and design of urban areas and the built environment, in order to emerge stronger and more resilient from Covid-19.

Image: Yuyuan Inc.

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Urban Solutions #17 |Adapting with Urban Systems Innovation

Good planning and governance can help a city overcome the many challenges of urbanisation and emerge more resilient. Learn how Singapore’s urban systems approach underpinned its successful transformation from urban disorder into a liveable and sustainable city.

Image: nigel burgher / Flickr
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Urban Solutions #17 |Haikou: Turning Grey into Green

For decades, the city of Haikou suffered from flooding and water pollution. To help the city cope, Professor Yu Kongjian and the team at landscape architecture firm Turenscape used nature-based solutions to transform grey concrete waterways into resilient green infrastructure.

Image: Turenscape
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